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Multi-station rebar holiday detector system

Installed on a reinforcing bar (rebar) coating line, the SPY® MSRB system continuously monitors the coating as the rebar runs through the RBRS dual roller wet sponge electrodes unit. When a discontinuity in the coating (holiday) is discovered, a red light at the appropriate station on the detector unit flashes to give a visual indication and the detector unit gives an electrical output to a plug on the back of the unit. Any 120 volt AC customer furnished horn, bell, recorder, computer, etc. can be driven from the MSRB switch signal output plugs.

RBRS dual roller sponge electrode unit

The SPY MSRB system is comprised of one or more RBRS - Rebar Roller Sponge Electrode Units and MSRB -Multi Station Rebar Coating Holiday Detector Units.

RBRS electrode units are available in configurations for 3 to 12 coating lines. As the lines of rebar run from the coating machine through the enveloping dual roller wet cellulose sponge electrodes, moisture from the sponges conducts the low inspection voltage of 67 volts. When a holiday is found, this coating discontinuity is noted by the detector.

dual roller sponge electrode unit

MSRB Detector Unit, Six Station

MSRB detector units operate off a standard 120-volt, 60 cycle single phase power source. They control output to the electrodes and detect holidays - pinholes, scratches or other breaks in the coating. Red signal lights on the front of the unit flash to signal holidays.

Six station detector unit - front

Six station detector unit - back

The Basic MSRB is 3 Station

The SPY MSRB holiday detector is housed in a metal cabinet 4" inches tall, 15" inches wide and 10" deep. Unit weight is approximately six pounds. While three stations are the minimum, an individual MSRB detector can be supplied with four, five or six stations as required.

For rebar coating systems with more than six coating lines, holiday detector capacity can be increased to match the number of lines by adding MSRB units as needed.

multi-station holiday detector system

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